Speaking & Training

Randall Bolten is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and educator on the subject of communicating numerical information effectively. Whether you are a professional in finance, accounting, law, investor relations, the social sciences, or any of the many other disciplines where presenting numbers effectively is a critical skill, you will find Bolten’s style both instructive and engaging. He is available for:

  • Public speaking. Bolten speaks frequently at meetings of professional associations and corporations. (Click here for more details.)

  • Online training and webinars.  Bolten’s courses are among the most popular of the nearly 300 courses offered by the Proformative Academy, and he is a frequent presenter for webinars hosted by Proformative and other organizations including NACVA and Adaptive Insights.  (Click here for more details.)

  • Corporate workshops. Bolten has led numerous half-, full-, and two-day workshops for corporations and other organizations. These workshops can be fully customized for specific organizational and functional needs, and tailored for the skill level and background of the audience. Please contact Randall Bolten directly for further details.

  • College courses. In addition to frequent presentations to students in business, finance, and accounting, Bolten teaches a course, “Presenting Quantitative Data Effectively,” in the Finance program at U.C. Berkeley Extension.

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