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Article by Randall Bolten in The Value Examiner, November-December 2012 issue, “Setting a Table: Communicating Complex Financial Data to Regular People.” The Value Examiner is a professional development journal for the consulting disciplines, and the article speaks to the challenges of and tactics for presenting highly complex, technical information to audiences less familiar with the material.

Interview of Randall Bolten about Painting with Numbers, by Kathleen O’Toole in Stanford Business, the online magazine of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business (home page, posted September 14, 2012.

Excerpt of Painting with Numbers in Fast Company, run August 21, 2012, “How to Give Reports Your Boss Will Actually Remember.” This piece is largely based on Chapter 3 (“Words Matter”) of the book, and speaks to the importance of the words that accompany your numbers.

Story by Michael Mink in Investor’s Business Daily, run July 30, 2012 in the online edition and July 31, 2012 in the print edition, “Keep Your Audience Engaged When Presenting Financials

Story by Ned Smith in Business News Daily, a guide for startups & small businesses (home page, run June 8, 2012, “The Art of Painting (Your Business) with Numbers

Article by Randall Bolten in Strategy, an online magazine on business, learning & life (home page, run May 23, 2012, “Quantation — The Overlooked Communication Skill

Audio interview of Randall Bolten by David Domzalski of Financial Bin Radio (home page:, about Painting with Numbers, on May 1, 2012. (Financial Bin also published a review of Painting with Numbers on the same date — see the “Reviews of Painting with Numbers” page on this website).

Story in Small Business Digest (home page:, run 4/10/2012, “Painting Concepts with Numbers Is As Important As Words

Article by Randall Bolten in Overdrive, the Official Blog of the Entrepreneurs Organization (home page:, posted 4/5/2012, “Investor Pitches: Why Bother with the Financials?

Excerpted story by Dennis McCafferty in CIO Insight (home page:, run 4/5/2012, Books Slideshow: Making Numbers Meaningful: 10 Ways to Improve Your Presentations.” An imaginative, visual rendition in PowerPoint of some of the main points in Painting with Numbers.

Article by Randall Bolten in Financial Bin, a site focused on personal finance and entrepreneurial education for the Generation Y age group (home page:, posted 3/26/2012, “Choosing a Financial Advisor: It’s Simpler Than You Think”

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